Hallmark General Electric U30CG

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Another work in progress. The Hallmark brass models have the same sound qualities that the Alco Models have: imagine a spoon caught in a
garbage disposal. They run just as well. You can find a general history of the U30CG here.To repower one of the units, I used a motor, trucks
and drive-line parts for the Atlas U30C.

I added an S&S Hobby Products'
antenna platform
(it comes with a Detail Associates can-type antenna), Utah Pacific mirrors, Details West MU cables (which meant grinding off the cast cable heads from the pilot), and Detail Associates GE speed recorders (cables to be added after painting). I also made new coupler cut-bars to replace the somewhat awlful original ones. This unit was depowered.

The small holes above the windshield openings are for wipers, to be added after painting.

I had to drill out the head and tail lights.

The fuel and water tanks have been
combined--there's only one fuel filler. The automatic stop shoe has been removed.

Steam generator has been removed. Notice that the cigar band nose herald does not wrap around the sides as it does on the 8001 above.
Another variation in the paint scheme was a solid nose herald (not shown here).
First cuts of the frame were made to allow the gear tower clearance...

which proved to be a mistake. The Atlas trucks are taller than the KMTs. I cut the holes larger, then fabricated new bolsters out of brass stock.

The frame was made so that the KMT trucks faced the same direction.