HO Scale Model Railroad Freight Car Construction Tips:

Red Caboose General Service Steel Side Drop Bottom Gondola

tips for a few freight car kits
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Drill #76 in the following locations:

Grab iron holes on the body

All holes on the end pieces

Brake fulcrum and chain mounting-hole on bottom

Drill #72 in the brake mechanism--the hole for the brake wheel.

Drill #71 in the side ladder holes--DO NOT drill all of the way through the top holes.

Drill #61 in the brake cylinder bracket (34a), then widen it with the point of an Exacto blade. Do this at the end when you mount the cylinder.

CONSTRUCTION TIPS: [STEP ] refers to the same steps listed in the Red Caboose instructions.


For mounting the brake cylinder bracket (34a), the instructions refer to 2 small bosses on the flange frame. They are very small ridges on the underside (side that faces the bottom of the body) of the frame.


For parts 21a, the side ladders, cut the mounting pins in half--the tops ones are way too deep.

For parts 22a, the side corner grab irons, cut their mounting pins about in half, as well.

After you have glued the "B" end to the body, be careful how you set down the car. Set it on something so that the ends are raised. The clevis on the end of the brake chain and rod coming from the brake wheel mechanism sticks out below the rest of the body.


If you do want to install the coupler cut bars, make all of the necessary bends before inserting into the holes of the brackets--that wire is pretty stiff.

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