HO Scale Model Railroad Freight Car Construction Tips:

Life-Like Proto 2000 50' Single Door Box Car with 5/5 Dreadnaught Ends

tips for a few freight car kits
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IMHO, probably the best line of freight car kits on the market.


Drill a #73 in all of the body holes.


Construction of this car is as in the instruction manual.

PHASE ONE: Step 5. Even for the Kadees, glue down the coupler pockets to the frame first.

PHASE TWO: Step 11. The end ladders (12) have a long mounting-foot side and a short mounting-foot side. The long side goes towards the outside edge of the car.

Steps 14 to the end. Watch the brake rod and clevis when you attach the other details on the "B" end. Be sure to lay the car body on its side between steps.  The end of it can snap off easily because it hangs down pretty far. Also, when you attach the body to the frame, remember to guide the clevis onto the brake rod base.