Alco Models brass E44 on a Bachmann E33 chassis and trucks

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E44 Pantographs


A work in progress. The Alco brass models are well known for their motors and gear towers: imagine the sound of a spoon caught in a
garbage disposal. The frame length, trucks and below-deck structure of the E33 and E44 are the same. For years I and others have begged
Bachmann to build the E44, to no avail. So, I snapped up some cheap E33s on eBay and went to work.

I need to build some appropiate catenary.

Virginian EL-C

EF4 on the New Haven

E33 on Penn Central and Conrail

Courtesy TLC Railroad Books

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The tarnish really stands out. It also seems to be missing an insulator. It needs #39 Kadees...and details...

Using a Dremel (and many cutting disks) I cut off the front and rear of the Bachmann E33 frame and also the LED guides at the front (left).

I had also removed the circuit board and hard-wired a Digitrax DH123D decoder in its place. Headlights are not yet installed--the headlight positions on the E44 numberboard castings have to be drilled out.
CR/exPC E44 4465 and 4444 arrive at South RO in Arlington, VA 11/76. 4465 was the last
E44 and is preserved at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.
CR E44 4432 and 4449 northbound at RO, Arlington, VA 5/31/80.
CR E44 4422 and 4404 southbound at Glenn Dale, MD 6/29/80.
CR E44 4442 and 4411 northbound through Halethorpe, MD 9/77
CR E44 4402 southbound at Halethorpe, MD 9/23/79.
CR E44 4407, 4417 and 4460 southbound at RO, Arlington, VA 5/31/80.