Burlington Northern E60CF Project

My constantly sputtering efforts at model railroading
My constantly sputtering efforts at model railroading

BM&LP E60C 6005

      In 1973 and 1974, according to the 1974-1975 BN Motive Power Annual published by Motive Power Services, Burlington Northern
undertook a study to determine the feasibility of electrifying the line from Lincoln, Nebraska to Sheridan, Wyoming in anticipation of an
increase in coal traffic. Both General Electric and Sweden's ASEA, which had licensed EMD to manufacture its locomotives in the U.S.,
participated in the study. Unfortunately, the economic downturn that began in 1975 put an end to those plans, as well as to those of many
other railroads considering electrification at about the same time, including Union Pacific, Illinois Central, Southern Pacific, Canadian Pacific
and Southern. In the 1975-1976 BN Annual is an artist's concept by Ron Hatch of a General Electric E60C in BN paint. It was, along
with a model manufactured by American GK, the inspiration and starting point for this locomotive project--the "What If" factor.
The prototype E60C locos were built in 1973 for the Black Mesa & Lake Powell Railroad, an isolated 50KV(as designed, automated)
coal loader-to-power plant line in northeastern Arizona. The power plant, the Navajo Generating Station, is just outside of Page, Arizona.
The BM&LP has (had) all 6 of the E60Cs. Five are being (have been) replaced by E60C-2s formerly of NdeM. The 50,000 volt
electrical gear from the E60Cs will replace the 25,000 volt gear original to the NdeM units. Bachmann produced a somewhat accurate
although a not good-running model of the E60C, but that's another project--I have several of them and they will become BM&LP.


Black Mesa & Lake Powell Railroad E60C 6005 leads an ex-NdeM E60C-2 on the eastbound empty train
at Milepost 15.5 crossing, southeast of Page, AZ 9/19/01.


Bachmann E60C.

      The AGK model (later manufactured by Walthers until 1989) was not actually of this version, but rather of a second generation version,
never built, based on data obtained from GE (according to Railroad Model Craftsman). It shared characteristics and some dimensions with
Amtrak's E60CP and E60CH. The American GK model utilized an Athearn EMD SD9 frame with Athearn GE C trucks. I had the rounded
portions of the SD9 fuel tanks milled off at a machine shop. I built up the sub-structure (battery boxes, air tanks, etc.) using styrene,
based on the BM&LP E60C prototype.

The BM&LP is no more. The last coal delivery to the power station was on August 26, 2019. The Navajo Generating Station was shut down at the end of December, 2019.

3 of my BN E60CFs under construction.

BN E60C artwork by Ron Hatch from the 1975-76 Burlington Northern Annual (Copyright 1976 by Motive
Power Services).

American GK Locomotive Works started offering the E60CF in 1976.

Select the instructions and catalogue images for larger views.

The freight E60CF and the passenger E60CP (actually, an E60CH) appeared in the 1976 Walthers Catalogue with real and imagined roadnames. Notice that AGK also offered BART cars.
By 1979, more imagined roadnames had been added to both the passenger and freight locomotives. AGK also marketed a P30CH and what they called an F30B freight version of the P30CH. I'm not sure that anyone ever saw either one of these models produced.
Walthers 1976 Catalogue
Walthers 1979 Catalogue
By 1984, Walthers had purchased the molds for both the E60CF and E60CH and was marketing them under their own name.
An E60CH appeared on the cover of the 1985 Catalogue!
Walthers 1984 Catalogue
Walthers 1985 Catalogue
In full color!
By 1989, some new paint schemes appeared, but others were gone, most notably, the BM&LP.
Walthers 1986 Catalogue
Walthers 1989 Catalogue
By 1991, the E60CF was gone. The E60CH was now offered in only real paint schemes.

Walthers Catalogue images are from my collection and appear with the kind permission of
Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.

Walthers 1991 Catalogue


I rough-drafted a BNSF (BM&LP) E60C with Heritage I (yes, I know, the trucks and bat boxes should be silver, but that's a lot of work):

Line Drawing of BM&LP GE E60C by Julian Cavalier courtesy Railroad Model Craftsman April, 1973 issue:

Click for a larger drawing