HO Scale Model Railroad Freight Car Construction Tips:

My constantly sputtering efforts at model railroading


Intermountain Railway Company ACF Type 27 8,000 Gallon Riveted Tank Car


Drill #71 in the four holes on the bottom of the body where the tank mounts (m) are attached.

Drill #72 in the following:

The two holes in the ends of the body where the long handrail mounts are attached.

The holes for the 4 end-mounted grab irons.

The holes that you will need to make for the 4 side-mounted grab irons. Make a paper template based on the end holes.

The ladder mounting holes on the walkways.

Drill #73 in the following: The glad hand mounting holes on the underside of the frame.

The 8 holes in the body that are for the Dome Platform Brackets.

Drill #74 in the mounting hole of the brake wheel--don't go all of the way through it.

File, cut, sand and/or shave off most of the mounting pads on the bottom part of the body. Take them down until the center is flush with the body.

They are too high relative to the tank mounts. Make a cradle out of the packing foam that comes in the box--cut a "V" notch down the top and cut a hole big enough to take the dome.

CONSTRUCTION TIPS: [STEP ] refers to the same steps listed in the Intermountain instructions.


Yes, do the handrail now.

STEP 2b. Triple Valve

Don't push the triple valve so far that it bends the two side supports.

STEP 3d. Glad Hands

Cut about 1/32" off the end that goes under the bolster.

STEP 3j. Ladders

Cut the top mounting pins in half.

Mount the ladders in the walkway holes and glue from the underside. Then mount the top into the holes on the handrail. Cut off the rest of the ladder pins that protrude from the bottom of the walkway.

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